About Us

Those of you in the lifting world know what an accomplishment it is to hit 4plates (405lbs) on any lift. For me it was my first goal I ever conquered in the gym.  It was a long hard fought battle with a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Eventually I was able to 405 on the deadlift – then squat and bench. For me it happened at a young age, and I continued on to goals of 5,6 and 7+plates. But it all started with 4plates.  The work ethic and mindset I developed in the gym way back when in my quest for 4plates began, is still with me today. 4Plates is the universal benchmark on any lift, It takes you into the next level and deserves to be acknowledged.  It is more than a goal, it’s a mindset. 

We took that passion and wanted to put it to a brand.  More then just another gym clothing brand – it’s a lifestyle brand that stands for something.  Be honored to wear your passion, determination and work-ethic. Our products will not be cheap or thrown together. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products for reasonable prices – provide products that you can wear in the gym and out.

It's more than a goal, it's a mindset! Wear your passion! – Cleveland, Ohio